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Laravel 10.26 Released

Discover the latest features and improvements in Laravel 10.26, the cutting-edge PHP framework for web development. Stay up-to-date with this exciting release!

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Smit Pipaliya

7 months ago

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Last week, the Laravel team unveiled version 10.26, featuring a newly introduced search functionality for the Artisan vendor:publish command, noteworthy enhancements in array cache expiration handling, and more.

While this week's release may be relatively modest in scale, it brings a significant improvement to the vendor:publish command, streamlining the process of locating providers and tags with ease. Additionally, Laravel has received important bug fixes and a few reversions, culminating in the release of Laravel 10.26.2. We extend our gratitude to both the Laravel team and the community for their invaluable contributions!

Allow Searching on the vendor:publish prompt

Jess Archer's Contribution: Enhanced Filtering for Quick Provider and Tag Selection in the vendor:publish Command. Plus, Effortless All Selections via Dropdown Menu:

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Ensure array cache considers milliseconds

In Laravel 10.25, Tim MacDonald introduced an important update to guarantee the expiration of array cache driver values at their designated expiry times. Unfortunately, there were initial testing challenges associated with this update, leading to a temporary reversion. However, with the release of Laravel 10.26, these issues have been fully resolved. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest Laravel 10.26 version if you've encountered any inconsistencies with the array cache driver. We extend our gratitude to Tim MacDonald for diligently addressing and resolving these issues!

For more details on the updates related to this driver and its adherence to expiry times, you can refer to Pull Request #48573.

Release notes

Below, you'll find the comprehensive list of new features and updates, as well as the GitHub diff between version 10.25.0 and 10.26.0. The release notes provided below are directly sourced from the changelog:




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