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How to Install Laravel 11.x-dev Application

Discover step-by-step instructions for installing the latest Laravel 11.x-dev application effortlessly. Learn the key prerequisites and follow our concise guide to set up your Laravel environment with ease.

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Smit Pipaliya

2 months ago

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This example provides a step-by-step guide on installing Laravel 11, with a specific focus on Ubuntu 22.04. If you are looking for instructions on installing Laravel 11 on Windows, you've come to the right place. Follow these steps to seamlessly install your Laravel 11 application. Let's dive into the process.

If you navigate to the Packagist website and explore the laravel/laravel packages, you'll encounter a version labeled dev-master available at the following URL:

How to Install Laravel 11.x-dev Application

The URL grants access to the upcoming version of the laravel/framework packages within the laravel/laravel package.

Within the laravel/laravel package, the included laravel/framework 11.x-dev version requires the following dependencies:

  • PHP version ≥ 8.2
  • PHPUnit ≥ 10.1
  • Pint
  • Guzzle ≥ 7.2
  • Termwind
  • Collision 7
  • Monolog/Monolog version 3
  • Symfony packages upgraded to 6.3
  • Predis version 2

Install Laravel 11:

To install Laravel 11.0 dev, use the standard composer create-project command. Specify the dev-develop version of the laravel/laravel package in the command as follows:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel-dev dev-master

laravel/laravel: This package facilitates the installation of Laravel;

laravel-dev: Designates the new directory for your project (modifiable);

dev-master: Represents the upcoming version of Laravel.

Next, you need to run laravel 11 project using following command:

php artisan serve

Then, you can open following url:


Upcoming Features in Laravel 11.x-dev:

I am actively keeping an eye on the official Laravel channel for announcements regarding new features. I will consistently update this list from today until the release date. Here are the latest insights:

  1. PHP 8.2 will become the minimum supported PHP version for Laravel 11.x-dev. Given that PHP 8.3 is scheduled for release in November, Laravel 11.x-dev will support PHP versions 8.2 and 8.3.

  2. Taylor Otwell has introduced a new minimal Laravel 11 skeleton. If you're curious and want to explore this work-in-progress branch, you can find it at:

  3. Taylor has also unveiled some new services and tools, including Folio, Volt, Herd, and Prompts. For more details, you can refer to the announcement on Twitter:

  4. here are indications of preparations for Laravel Octane 3. We will be closely monitoring to see if Laravel Octane 3 is connected to Laravel 11. You can follow the developments at:

  5. Taylor Otwell has introduced new services and tools, including Folio, Volt, Herd, and Prompts. These additions represent significant upgrades within the broader Laravel ecosystem, signaling advancements in associated tools over the next few months.

In the coming months, we can anticipate:

  • PHP 8.3 support
  • Laravel Livewire version 3

  • Filament version 3

  • Saloon version 3

  • And more. Stay tuned for further developments.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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