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How to create Laravel Flash Messages

In this article, You will learn How to create Laravel Flash Messages.

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Smit Pipaliya

5 months ago

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Enhancing user experience is paramount in web development, and Laravel's flash messages offer a seamless way to communicate one-time notifications effectively. Let's delve into the process of creating and displaying flash messages in Laravel, ensuring your users stay informed without cluttering the interface.

Storing Flash Messages in Session Data

In your controller or route closure, employ the session helper function to store a message in the session data. This example illustrates the simplicity of the process:

session()->flash('message', 'Your form was successfully submitted!');

This snippet efficiently stores a flash message that can be retrieved and displayed in subsequent views.

Displaying Flash Messages in Views

In your view file, utilize the session helper function to showcase the flash message. Employing an if statement ensures that the message exists in the session data before displaying it. Implement this snippet for a clean presentation:

@if (session('message'))
    <div class="alert alert-success">{{ session('message') }}</div>

By incorporating this logic, you prevent displaying an empty alert and provide a polished user interface.

Optional Method: Using Session Facade's Flash Method

For those who prefer using the Session facade, Laravel offers an alternative method. The flash method allows you to store a flash message with the message key and value as arguments. Here's an example:

Session::flash('message', 'Your form was successfully submitted!');

While optional, this method provides a different syntax for achieving the same outcome.

By seamlessly following these steps, you empower your Laravel application to create and display flash messages efficiently. These one-time notifications contribute to a more user-friendly interface, ensuring your users are informed without unnecessary distractions. Elevate your user experience with Laravel's intuitive flash messaging system.

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