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How to Get Last Day of Month from Date in PHP

In this article, You will learn How to Get Last Day of Month from Date in PHP.

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When faced with the task of printing the final day of a given month in PHP, you can achieve this by utilizing the date() and strtotime() functions. Employing these functions allows for a seamless retrieval of the last day of the month based on a provided date.

Used PHP functions:

  • The date() function in PHP is utilized to format a local time or date according to specified parameters.

  • The strtotime() function in PHP is employed to parse nearly any English textual datetime description and convert it into a Unix timestamp.


Input: 2020-04-23
Output: Thursday

Input: '2018-09-11'
Output: Sunday


  • When provided with a date stored as a string in a variable, the process involves converting it into a date format using the strtotime() function.
  • After obtaining the date, we will utilize the date() method.


           date( $format, $timestamp )

  • Within the $format, we will pass 'Y-m-t', and within $timestamp, the date obtained earlier. In terms of the date format, 'Y' represents a full numeric representation of a year in four digits, 'm' provides a numeric representation of a month, and 't' gives the number of days in the given month.
  • Utilizing 'Y-m-t', we can retrieve the number of days in a month, as 't', 'm', and 'Y' respectively represent the day, month, and year components of the date.
  • The final step involves once again using the date() function, this time with 'l' as the format, and the previously obtained date as the $timestamp.
  • Display the day.


// Given a date in string format  
$datestring = '2020-04-23'; 
// Converting string to date 
$date = strtotime($datestring); 
// Last date of current month. 
$lastdate = strtotime(date("Y-m-t", $date )); 

// Day of the last date  
$day = date("l", $lastdate); 
echo $day; 



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