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Emerging Laravel Development Trends to Look After in 2023

In this blog, we shall see the Laravel trends and Laravel best practices for web development to transform your Laravel-based websites and web applications.

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The popularity of PHP-based frameworks in the software development industry has been on the rise. Simplicity, versatility in diverse industrial applications, and a range of other benefits related to robust and faster development. Today, Laravel trends are popular among developers and global businesses to build robust, scalable, and highly-functional web applications. Among all the PHP-based frameworks, Laravel design patterns and best practices are second to none. So let us start, shall we?

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP-based open-source framework that offers a wide range of tools for developing custom web applications. Laravel was initially built on Symfony, another PHP-based framework, but later it had its own entity and has evolved ever since given its usability to develop full-stack applications, maximizing overall efficiency.

Laravel development aims to increase the accessibility of the developed web apps. This is achieved through expressive and elegant syntax that empowers Laravel developers to write clean, testable, and maintainable code with speed. Laravel design patterns and best practices along with Laravel coding standards are the keys to its success.

Some other benefits like convention over configuration, rapid development, powerful routing and validation, integration with other PHP libraries, data binding, and more have made Laravel a sought-after PHP framework.

In this blog, we shall see the Laravel trends and Laravel best practices for web development to transform your Laravel-based websites and web applications.

Why is Laravel development in demand?

If you still have questions about the demand for Laravel, just have a look at the statistics below from Builtwith.

  • 772,959 live websites globally are built in Laravel 
  • 340,789 websites in the USA are built in Laravel
  • 10% of developers in the world used Laravel in 2022

Laravel framework Laravel can earn recognition for its safe programming advantage and substantial advancement benefit, allowing it to turn into the enormous web asset of the drawn-out innovative pattern.

Their unique and easy-to-use features provide a fantastic developing experience to the large scale of its customer while lowering product development time.

Whatever technology you as a business owner use, you will pick one solid framework which is not going to die anytime soon. Especially eCommerce startups, SMEs, and enterprises would take this thing into consideration as these are web apps that require continuous support due to heavy loads. Laravel is here to “Stay” and is used by global giants such as BBC, Pfizer, 9GAG, etc. This improves the reliability of this framework.

Let us now have a look at the popular Laravel trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond.

The Best Laravel Development Trends in 2023

The majority of web developers have used the Laravel framework for a significant amount of time till now to build robust web apps. Hire Laravel developers with brilliant experience to know and implement the latest trends, features, and functionalities you can ideate and implement in your next Laravel-based website or web app.

Multiple Device Integrations

Laravel web app development extends your digital landscape to deliver a seamless experience among users. It gives an extra edge to your business given the possibility of software and hardware integrations. Especially, considering the latter, multi-device integrations among smartwatches, laptops, desktops, etc. are easy and reliable in the Laravel framework. 

This makes Laravel web app development a perfect fit for enterprises, SMEs, and startups. It will be interesting to see the implementation of futuristic approaches like multi-sensory, multi-contacts, multi-screens, etc.

Intuitive User Interface

Laravel framework has all it needs to craft intuitive and engaging user interfaces. As far as the web domain is concerned, responsive UI is preferred the most due to the usage domination of mobile devices. We all know how important it is to deliver ultimate user experiences through web apps in order to succeed.

This is exactly where Laravel development comes to life. The framework’s increasing updates ensure the evolution of UI for better online experiences.

IoT Integration & Implementation in Laravel

Over the last decade, it is proven in the Laravel-based website development world that bringing cutting-edge technologies boost chances of success and retention. It is no more a surprise to see the Internet of Things (IoT) and PHP-based Laravel framework as a perfect pair to build innovative Laravel-based websites and applications.

The ability of Laravel Development to handle large data makes data transmission through IoT sensors easier and with optimum security in packages.

Blockchain & Laravel Integration

Blockchain offers a decentralized architecture to save information that is even more formidable and secure. Implementing Blockchain technology into your next web app development project will definitely sheath the app with incredible protection.

This is why Blockchain implementation helps to develop Laravel web apps with modules or features of digital payments, acceptance, and cryptocurrency trading. Blockchain integration into Laravel is said to have huge potential but is yet to be completely explored. The next couple of years is exciting for sure.

Laravel-Cloud Integration

For a few years now, Cloud Integration has been the top preference of global businesses looking to build a digital solution. The benefits it holds for businesses - being cost-effective, secure, more accessible, and versatile - make it the right choice for evolving businesses to meet the most trending demands from web apps.

Laravel cloud integration unlocks all the possibilities and broadens the potential of your custom web app. You can store the most sensitive data on the secured cloud platforms in a seamless way as long as your business demands.

Quick App Development

It is one of the most sought-after features of the Laravel framework among the dev community. Now forget about all the complex tools, APIs, and integrations to develop custom and full-fledged apps. Laravel API best practices help Laravel developers to create custom APIs and custom elements. It saves significant time and money as a result for all of them looking to build the next web app in Laravel.

Laravel has been around for a decade and is now considered the most popular PHP-based framework to build small and large-scale web applications.

Summarizing the Benefits of the Laravel Framework

  • User authentication & authorization
  • Cross-platform Integration with mail systems
  • Highly secured payments and transactions
  • Proven Laravel coding standards
  • Laravel API best practices
  • Reliable, versatile, and robust
  • Smooth cache system

The Wrap-Up on Laravel’s Emergence & Predicting 2023

Every software development project is unique due to its business needs and so it comes with a unique set of bottlenecks and challenges. But you can make it easy if you find the right software development company to kick off and lead your project to success, not only development. 

From what we have seen over the years, Laravel provides the most suitable environment to craft engaging eCommerce solutions, enterprise applications, and custom web apps for every industry the world has seen. 

The most brilliant aspect is speed. Laravel is believed to be 35% faster than other frameworks that cater to programming every web application from scratch. Its ecosystem is growing, and we are yet to see the emergence of more developers creating more libraries, themes, bundles, and plugins. 

The future of Laravel is GREAT. If you are unsure about developing your next web app in Laravel, find out the best Laravel developers to consult first, develop later, and assist with Laravel deployment best practices.

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